About us

Discover what makes an IGS vertical farm unique

Founded in 2013 by a farmer and engineer, IGS never stops innovating.

Basil growing on trays in an IGS vertical farm under purple LED lights.
Topdown view of the inside of an IGS growth tower with purple LED lights.

The IGS story

Where agriculture and engineering combine.

Who we are

We bring together a broad range of design and problem-solving talents. Our products are internationally recognised as best-in-class and repeatedly award-winning.
Inside an vertical farm with 9 growth trays stacked vertically. LED lights are rainbow coloured.
Trays filled with flowers, hers and leafy greens under purple and white LED lights growing in an IGS vertical farm.

Our impact: ESG

Building a sustainable, resilient and forward-thinking organisation for a better world.

Farm deployments

See where in the world we have successfully deployed IGS vertical farms.
Inside an IGS Growth Tower with 9 growth trays growing leafy greens under white light.
Close up of leafy greens growing in an IGS vertical farm on a growth tray with pink LEDs on.


IGS is an award-winning team of innovative individuals.

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