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How are you making your systems sustainable?

With smaller land footprints required with the growing taking place in towers stacked vertically it offers greater flexibility on location and good arable land is not necessary. It also means that facilities can be built right next to consumers or customers and reduces the need for food miles and waste of produce as it can be grown to demand.   

The IGS facilities have been constructed using limited materials - all selected to ensure longevity of operation. Built in a modular design to scale with production and capacity demand and replacement of damaged components. The materials used are from a number of different sources, many of which can be from recycled sources e.g. aluminium and steel, with minimal plastics and copper used.  

IGS’ power and communications platform has demonstrated strong Demand Side Response (DSR) potential. This will lead to greater engagement in circular energy projects to utilise ‘spare’ energy for growing and allows for more renewable power sources to be adopted.  

To reduce water consumption,we have developed a system to harvest rainwater,capture,recirculate and UV filter the water used within our facilities. We use minimal water within the growing process and the only water which leaves our farms is that contained within the plants.

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