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How does the IGS system compare to growing in other indoor environments, such as glasshouses?

We adopt the principles of Total Control Environment Agriculture (TCEA), in which all aspects of the growing environment can be controlled- light, temperature, humidity, irrigation, nutrition and even air composition. This makes it possible to eliminate variations in the growing environment, enabling growers to produce consistent, high quality crops all year round. Our system also offers control over plant disease and eliminates the need for pesticides, fungicides and biocides, which is not the case with glasshouse growing.

There is the potential for far greater yields in our system compared to growing in green houses. Typically a glass house is about 30kg/m2/annum but with our facility we were seeing closer to 60kg/m2/annum (100 percent increase) for basil.  This does not take into consideration any wastage in the greenhouse environment through to the variations in climate, pest and disease as previously mentioned.  

We typically achieve harvest weight/yield in60-70 per cent of the time it takes in a glasshouse. This means we can run up to 50% more growing cycles per annum.  

The use of TCEA means that the optimum growth conditions can be communicated digitally to other growth systems anywhere in the world through networked systems which greatly improves the effectiveness and productivity potential of the systems, as well as quality and yield of the produce. This is not something that is achievable in glasshouse environments currently.  

Compared to many other indoor environments the benefits of our system include:   

  • Less chemicals – no pesticides, biocides or fungicides 
  • Less energy – intelligent, multi-spectral lighting only delivers the light plants need, through a high-efficiency, dynamic power system.  
  • Less water – closed-loop irrigation system means only water used is in the plants grown.  
  • Less wastage – yield is maximised in every growing cycle.  Enhanced scheduling capabilities and dynamic lighting control means crops with extended shelf-life can be grown to order.  


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Who is your target market?

IGS offers global vertical farming solutions to traditional farms, entrepreneurs, governments, food producers & pharmaceuticals, among others. Read more.
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What does IGS grow?

The IGS system can grow a variety of herbs, brassicas and leafy greens. Our system can also propagate an ever-widening range of early stage crops including brassicas and soft fruits.
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How does the IGS system compare to growing in other indoor environments, such as glasshouses?

IGS adopts the principle of Total Control Environment Agriculture (TCEA), in which all aspects of the growing environment can be controlled. Learn more.
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How does IGS differ from other vertical farming operators?

Intelligent Growth Solutions provide the power to control the indoor vertical farming environment better than our competitors in three fundamental areas.
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How are you working with the James Hutton Institute?

The Intelligent Growth Solutions demonstration facility is based at the James Hutton Institute, a world-renowned crop and plant science research facility.
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How are you making your systems sustainable?

There are a number of ways in which Intelligent Growth Solutions has made its vertical farming systems sustainable. Find out more about this here.
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Does your IGS vertical farming system require a high level of expertise?

No, our vertical farming systems at Intelligent Growth Solutions have been designed to have simplicity at the core. Find out more about our systems here.
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Does IGS sell its produce?

No, Intelligent Growth Solutions will not sell plant produce now or in the future. We supply the technology, infrastructure & training but do not sell produce.

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