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Prior to joining IGS I worked for 6 years as a Commodity Mgr at Raytheon Systems Ltd, prior to that as Supply Chain Mgr with IPWireless Ltd, who’s high speed wireless broadband systems supported commercial mobile platforms, and Homeland Security such as the New York public safety network post 9/11. Most of my working life has been in and around the UK electronics industry. I’m married to Tracy and we have 16 year old twins and an 11 year old, so life is busy outside of work, mostly supporting their busy social lives! The family are keen rugby supporters and regular visitors to Murrayfield to support Edinburgh. I love travel, food, and anything involving a physical challenge, and it seems as I age they get more extreme, judo, 6am workouts, and weighted military style outdoor training with old school friends! I’m really looking forward to this exciting opportunity with IGS.

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