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I'm a former physiotherapist and moved to the UK to live with my husband. When I moved over, I had originally applied for my work permit as a physiotherapist, and took a traditional tech support role to cover the time while I waited for the outcome of my application. What was meant as a workaround to pay my bills, ended up being my unexpected new passion. I decided to stay in Technology, gained more experience and knowledge over time and then joined IGS as a Technical Support Analyst in 2021. I genuinely believe that the core of customer and technical support is not just about investigating and fixing issues, but also about sharing knowledge with others and ultimately empowering them to be confident in the product and enable them to act in case trouble arises. Supporting others has always been a theme in both my work and personal life (I love to game, and my preferred role is healer!). Apart from that, I also really love inline & ice skating and learning new things.

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